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Small Hydroelectric Power Plant Distrato

Date: 2002

Location: Distrato Ioannina

Power: 2 MW

Technology: Hydroelectricity

Distrato’s hydroelectric plant is a classic run-of-river small hydroelectric project of flow type, with a power of 1935 kW. It uses one Pelton type turbine and a synchronous generator for power production.

The main compartments of the project are:

  • The intake
  • The penstock with a length of 4000 m and a 600 mm diameter
  • The power station (turbine, generator and ancillary equipment)

The project has been in operation since 2002.

The project exploits a net head of 374 m, using a 4000 m steel pipe to divert water for 3.8 km of the riverbed, between altitudes of 1280 m and 871 m.

The water supply design discharge of the project is 0,6 m3/s, with a corresponding maximum turbine output of 1 935 MW. The average annual energy production is 7,2 GWh. The intake consists of a weir, 1 m high and 7 m long.

The penstock has been constructed from steel pipe with 600 mm diameter and is installed underground. The largest section (3100 m) is installed in an existing forest road, while the remaining 900 m are installed along the fall line of the slope above the powerhouse. A 1 km new road has been constructed providing access to the powerhouse and facilitating the penstock installation in the last steep section.

The electromechanical equipment of the station is housed in a steel construction building, with an area of 120 m2, and includes a WKV horizontal axis Pelton water turbine, with one nozzle, an AVK synchronous generator (2550 KVA), a 2500 kVA GEAFOL transformer (solid type), electro-hydraulic governor, low and medium voltage switchboards and ancillary equipment.