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Small Hydroelectric Power Plant Perivoli

Date: February 2008

Location: Perivoli

Power: 3,14 MW

Technology: Hydroelectricity

Perivoli’s hydroelectric plant is a small hydroelectric project of flow type, with power 3.14 MW. It is equipped with two Pelton type turbines and synchronous generators for the independent power production.

The main compartments of the project are:

  • The intake
  • The penstock, about 3000 meters in length with an average diameter of 1000 mm, made of GRP
  • The power station (turbines, generators, and ancillary equipment)

The project has been in operation since 2008.

The project exploits a net head of 205 m, which is succeeded through the 2.8 km length of the riverbed, with altitude between 1199 m and 994 m and using pipes of length 3.000 m approximately.

The design discharge of the project is 0,9 m3 / s per turbine, with a corresponding nominal turbine power 1,570 kW (one turbine in operation). The maximum electric power, that can be wheeled to the grid is 3,14 MWe.

The intake consists of a small weir, 8 m long and a 45 meters long desander (with a capacity of 500 m3).

The pipeline, whose length is 3000 m, is constructed from GRP, in three equal parts, with diameters 1100 mm, 1000 mm and 900 mm respectively. The entire pipeline is installed underground and on existing forest road.

The electromechanical equipment of the station is housed in a building of 170 m2 area, and includes 2 horizontal axis Pelton water turbines, with two nozzles on each one, 2 synchronous generator of 1890 kVA, a transformer of 4000 kVA, electro-hydraulic governor, low and medium voltage switchboards and ancillary equipment.

The project works with automatic supervision and remote control (SCADA System).