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Small Hydroelectric Power Plant Vrysochori

Date: 2010

Location: Vrysochori Ioannina

Power: 1,56 MW

Technology: Hydraulic

Vrysochori exploits a net drop of 126 meters height, which is succeeded in the length of 2,2 km of the stream’s riverbed, on altitude between 777 m and 642 m and using pipes of 2 400 m length. All components of the project (power plant, water intake, pipelines) are positioned in the north of the village of Vrysochori and at a distance of approximately 2,3 km (station).
Vrysochori’s Small Hydroelectric Plant uses the highest water supply of 1,4 m3 / s, with a corresponding maximum turbine power of 1.56 MW. The expected energy production is 4,1 GWh.

The electromechanical equipment of the station is installed in a building approximately 110 m2, and includes Pelton type water turbine, of vertical axis, with 4 nozzles, a synchronous generator of 1700 kVA, a transformer of 1850 kVA, electro-hydraulic regulator, low and medium voltage cubicles and ancillary equipment.

The water intake consists of a small dam with 2 meters height and uses coanda type screen (for the first time in Greece). The pipeline, whose length is 2400 m, is constructed of GRP, in three equal parts, with diameters 1000 mm, 900 mm and 800 mm respectively. Part of the pipeline, with a length of 120 m, near the station is constructed by spirally welded steel pipe.

The entire pipeline is installed underground (with the exception of two river crossings).

The largest section of the pipeline (approximately 2000 m) is installed below the road Vrysochori – Palaioseli, without any aesthetic disturbance.

The section near the water intake, with a length of 350 m, is installed underground, along with the bank of the stream.